Meet Lisa

Lisa Newton

Lisa Newton B.Sc.(Psych),
M.A.(Counselling Psych),
M.Psych(Clinical), MAPS

Hello and welcome. I am a Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist registered with the National Psychology Board of Australia with clinical endorsement. Such registration requires six years of university training, followed by at least two years of supervised practice.


I work as a psychotherapist which focusses on working together to develop a deepening understanding of life-long patterns of thinking, feeling and experiencing. The ways minds work profoundly influence how we live our lives, develop our intimate relationships and experience our sense of self. It involves an ongoing and growing understanding of aspects of our minds that are often outside of our awareness. The knowledge base and practice skills of psychotherapy are continually evolving and developing. Psychotherapists are trained to listen and respond to people with emotional difficulties in such a way that the underlying reasons for problems can be understood and relinquished.


The duration of psychotherapy varies. Usually this depends on the nature of the underlying difficulty. While some people achieve what they want in a small number of sessions, not uncommonly a longer term of therapy may be necessary.


The first consultation session usually involves describing what is troubling you. Sessions normally run for approximately 50 minutes. My approach is quite holistic and therefore I will ask you about your physical health, mental health history, family of origin, supports, employment history, medication and hobbies/interests etc. Together we work out a plan of what to work on in future sessions.

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Mind and Body Matter is located at Kobold House

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